H.E.L.P. (Holistic Education and Legal Platform) for children

About Us

We, all the founder members of bikshani have taken our education in the formal educational institutions. We used to feel that we have not always got the opportunity to nurture our natural talents. In order to fit ourselves into the standardized system, we finally ended up in a life long rat race competition which gives anything but peace of mind and creative satisfaction.

A search for ‘new’ techniques was therefore on. Secondly, concepts such as ‘the learning society‘ were gaining some currency. We came across that ‘there were moves in UNESCO towards lifelong education and notions of ‘the learning society‘ which culminated in ‘Learning to Be’ (‘The Faure Report’, UNESCO 1972). Lifelong learning was to be the ‘master concept’ that should shape educational systems (UNESCO 1972:182). What emerged was an influential tripartite categorization of learning systems.’

We, therefore, like to make an effort with like minded people to provide an opportunity and a suitable environment within the commune, for our next generation in order to inculcate and nurture their inner talents.

Area of interest:

  • Languages
  • Theology and ethical curriculum
  • Dharana/ cognitive learning (like mathematics) and reasoning and logic
  • Science, history, geography, health and hygiene
  • Physical Training, games, yoga
  • Creative Art
  • Vocational Training

We aim to register the NGO by November 2010 and start implementing our vision and mission by early next year as a small unit to start with.

We are, at present, extensively looking for a property/land in an sub-urban/rural area nearby Barrackpore/Sodepur/Madhyamgram/New Barrackpore with 3 Bighas of land for growing and enjoy living as sustainable as possible. Also we are in search of more number of competent human resources who intend to render service with his/her area of expertise for our community children with/without compensation.

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